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The Champion Group, is now part of the Coker Group family, is a Nationally recognized HEALTHCARE CONSULTING FIRM with a reputation for excellence in client satisfaction delivering proven business solutions in physician planning, Community Need Documentation Analysis,  and strategic development.

Sandy Champion, founder and principal is known as a leader in documentation for COMMUNITY NEED, physician supply/demand analysis and planning, providing comprehensive market intelligence and useful recommendations that are easily applied in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

Our Approach

Community Need Physician Supply/Demand Analysis —- We perform a complete assessment of your market to quantify the future need for physicians.

Federal guidelines closely regulate many areas of physician supply analysis and manpower planning requiring health care facilities to justify physician recruitment based on community need.

Demonstrating community need is an important question to answer to the Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and Federal Stark regulations for all hospitals desiring to use revenues for recruiting purposes. Documentation is also important for hospitals and medical groups to manage physician supply in their service areas. Whether you are employing or providing financial assistance to physicians, community need documentation can keep your hospital or medical group ready for planning.

The IRS recommends that not-for-profit hospitals may offer physicians recruiting incentives and must be offset by a demonstrated community benefit. DHHS suggests that only new physicians or new physician services are eligible to receive recruiting incentives. Stark Federal Regulations point to “demonstrated community need” as further evidence of compliance.

The Community Need Physician Supply/Demand Analysis documents your 75th%tile and 90th%tile service areas for both current and projected 5-year demand/need by specialty: Primary Care, Medical Specialties, Surgical Specialties and Hospital-Based Specialties.

Our quantitative and qualitative analysis methodology framework reflects the “real world” conditions recognizing both the statistical demand as well as multiple qualitative factors affecting market conditions. We provide the 100% market share staffing needs, the current market share ajdusted staffing needs and the growth potential adjusted staffing needs. All the data is organized in our Demand Tool including a comprehensive database, qualitative analysis, access analysis, contiguous zip code map demonstrating the 75th and 90th %tile service areas. Champion Group is also the only physician labor management firm that provides the Healthcare Lawyers Association approved “Documentation of Community Need Checklist.”

Our plans are the most comprehensive, legally sound and practical in the industry. This proactive physician-involved approach provides a critical cornerstone for success. For a complimentary consultation, call (206) 658-5113 or email at


Powerpoint Presentation Download (click Icon) for hospital administration and board.
A Compelling Case for Community Needs Analysis… Forecasting Physician Supply/Demand


PDF Article Download (click Icon) – “How to Determine the Need for Physicians


Electronic Demand Analysis Tool

Champion Group celebrates the launch of “ET” electronic database and physician supply/demand assessment tool for hospitals and medical groups to forecast physician community need. Be prepared. Save time. Get organized….automatically…. Calculate Demand. Highlights:


  • Prepare annual reports
  • Prepare a new physician search report
  • Capability to document community need by specialty
  • Succession data updated by age at risk for retirement by specialty
  • Quick view of your primary and secondary service area data. Meet Stark guidelines
  • As part of our Physician Community Needs Analysis, “ET” will forecast your demand needs with your service area’s manpower supply database…at your finger tips.


"Rarely did I find a consultant that delivers, until we used Sandy Champion the Champion Group."

Thomas Troy - Former CEO
Grays Harbor Community Hospital

Sandy Champion has been a consultant for Healdsburg District Hospital for 3 years. She was instrumental in developing a comprehensive physician recruiting plan for Healdsburg District Hospital and the surrounding health care district....

Healdsburg District Hospital

We’ve worked with Sandy for many years and have found both she and her work to be reliable, trustworthy and complete. We base important strategic decisions on her reports, and she has never steered...

Gregory D. Sawyer, MD, PhD - President & CEO
Memorial Physicians, PLLC

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