Physician Development

Physician Development Plan/Physician Recruiting Plan

The Champion Group provides important expertise to develop a Physician Recruiting Plan. Physician recruitment is both an art and a science and requires skill, agility, and delicacy.

With frontline expertise in recruitment, The Champion Group has assisted multiple hospitals and medical groups gain recruitment readiness tools and skills to be successful in building their respective enterprises.

The Physician Recruiting Plan (Manpower Plan or Physician Development Plan) requires multiple components to lay out a pathway for success including identifying:

  • Goals, Strategies, and Tactics
  • Vision and Mission
  • Recruiting environment readiness check
  • Internal Assessment
  • Medical Staff Assessment
  • Community Assessment
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Associated budgets

Our planning expertise is reflected in the following engagement list:

Selected Projects

  • Assisting a regional community public hospital with their Physician Development Plan
  • Building a non-profit hospital’s benchmark recruiting plan resulting in annual new revenue of over $15m
  • Assisted a rural hospital with developing a successful Physician Recruiting Plan that resulted in an extraordinary turnaround in their hospital’s financial viability. The CEO stated it was his legacy to follow the recommendations of The Champion Group that attracted and retained physicians to their rural community when they had not been previously able to recruit

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