Community Needs Analysis

Physician Supply/Demand Analysis

The Champion Group provides leading edge and compliance-important expertise in the development of a hospital’s Physician Supply/Demand Community Needs Analysis.

The Champion Group has assisted multiple hospitals and medical groups to create their Community Needs Analysis Physician Supply/Demand Analysis to meet the growing legal requirements when recruiting physicians to their communities.

A Community Needs Analysis Physician Supply/Demand Analysis is multiple components and must be conducted every few years by an outside, third party. The Champion Group has conducted hundreds of these analyses and believes strongly that each should reflect the personalization not standardization of each hospital’s community (population, physicians/providers, and hospital environment). SEE and download our FREE PowerPoint presentation “A Compelling Case for Conducting Community Needs Analysis.”

Hospitals participating in physician recruitment or Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement are bound to comply with multiple federal and state requirements. There is risk to all hospitals not in compliance. What is community needs analysis?

“A required statistical document to comply with
all government regulations, guidelines, and recommendations.”

Quantitative Analysis (statistical)

  1. Current supply providers database
  2. Service area assessment
  3. Physician-to-population comparison

Qualitative Analysis (narrative)

  1. Practice access analysis
  2. Market-driven factors
  3. Succession

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