The Electronic Demand Tool

The Champion Group has just released a major upgrade to its 2015 Electronic Demand Analysis Tool. This tool includes numerous changes designed to enhance the management reports, streamline the data entry processes and reduce the potential for data entry errors.

Management Reporting Enhancements

  • Comprehensive list of specialties included to provide demand analysis of specialties, including those not currently offered by your hospital to facilitate timely re-evaluation of services not currently offered
  • Annual physician demand analyses for each year within the 5 year planning cycle to provide a more accurate picture of projected changes within the cycle
  • Enhanced reporting of succession and demographic demand by year to better understand the relative impacts of the two key factors on overall demand

Streamlined Data Entry

  • Total FTE’s by specialty are automatically calculated from the physician databases
  • Retiring physicians require the entry of a single date, while maintaining their historical data
  • Cells requiring data entry are highlighted to facilitate the quick entry of data

Improved Data Integrity

  • Cells with formulas are locked to avoid accidental deletion
  • Data entry cells are highlighted to ensure all non-calculated cells are easily identified and utilized
  • Formulas that recap physician data are no longer dependent on fixed ranges of database rows
  • Lookups are utilized throughout the Analysis Tool for physician specialties and for FTEs in the physician databases to ensure accurate and consistent entry of this critical information

Upgrade Package Includes

  • Enhanced Electronic Physician Demand Analysis Tool available with your Community Needs Analysis
  • Migration of your data into the new Electronic Demand Analysis Tool


Demand Tool